VOIP Service

VoIP Service/Sip Trunking
Whether you have recently purchased our phone system or outbound dialer, or you are simply looking for a dependable carrier for your current dialing system, Orion Dialing Solutions offers session-initiated protocol (SIP) long-distance service at super low rates. Finding a quality VoIP provider at an affordable price seems like a daunting venture in today’s call center environment, yet Orion can help!

Orion works with multiple VoIP providers while negotiating rates and terms that most businesses can not get on their own. With almost two decades in business, we have filtered out the lower-quality options and now work with only top-quality VoIP service providers. Offering only premium SIP VoIP conversational routes, the providers we work with provide our dialer customers with the same premium routes that they would provide for normal office traffic.

The last thing a business wants to worry about in a new call center environment is finding a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) provider that they can trust. We offer low-tier pricing using top-tier carriers. Orion will oversee all billing and technical support on your behalf, so you never have to worry about the headache of dealing directly with the phone company. If you rent or host with Orion, the VoIP services are included in your monthly retainer, meaning no extra cost to you. If you are using your own system, we can provide you with an unlimited option per line or a great per-minute rate that is hard to beat in this industry for premium termination.

Let Orion help you with your call center VoIP services. We handle everything from setting up load balancing on your traffic, ordering phone numbers, setting up a voicemail box for incoming calls, or even SMS/Texting services. Guaranteed to have Stir Shaken registration and the highest level of call attestation for proper call delivery, you can’t go wrong with Orion’s VoIP services. And the best part, there are no contracts and no minimum usage requirements. Orion can arrange great rates even for Hawaii and Alaska or internationally.

Call Orion today to stop dealing with the phone company and start saving.


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