Lead Optimization Service

Orion is unique in offering their dialer customers a scrubbed conversion of their client lists while returning a new list that enhances productivity and alleviates unnecessary risk. This occurs through Orion’s ability to take bad, DNC (Do Not Call List), and even TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) litigation data and scrub it from any list, returning only quality data every single time.

Orion’s Lead List Optimization service will have your call center refreshed and ready to drive sales, appointments, and contacts immediately.

Orion has a national and state DNC database, as well as one of the most comprehensive TCPA Litigation lists, allowing us to remove landmines from our customers’ lists so they can guarantee they are following FTC regulations. This allows our customers to prevent their agents from calling DNC-registered numbers, and also numbers tied to various telemarketing complaints.

As part of Orion Dialing Solutions Lead List Optimization feature, our disconnect scrub feature will remove all out-of-service numbers to ensure your agents have quick and live connections during all call campaigns. Although our system scrubs disconnects when calling through a list, shielding your agents from handling them, disconnected numbers still slow down production by taking up a line that could otherwise be calling a valid record.

Orion will call through its customers’ data list and return it to the customer optimized and ready to go!

Call today to make Orion, your partner, and leader in the pursuit of a hassle-free “dialing experience!”


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