About Us

Orion’s mission is to ensure we build long-standing relationships with our customers by developing a partnership in our customers’ outbound call center venture. We partner and collaborate with our customers to gauge success both ways, take feedback to ensure our services and software are the most innovative in the market, and adapt to the needs of our customers at all times.

Orion promises to ensure that our customers can remain productive and focused on what really matters, meeting and exceeding their business objectives, while allowing Orion to do the heavy lifting. Running a dialer system does not have to be a full-time job for our customers. Over time, Orion acknowledged the difficulty common with call center dialing campaigns, which allowed us to develop a steadfast solution that enhances the long-term objectives of the call center.

Managing customers long distance, lead generation, phone numbers, caller id protection, and data optimization, Orion provides an unparalleled dialing experience while alleviating the time necessary to run a call center software campaign. This allows our customers to focus on their own business goals while allowing Orion Dialing Solutions to work in their favor.


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