Orion PBX

With all the other call center enhancing products and services Orion Dialing Solutions provides its customers, it is not surprising that we also offer incredible PBX that is economical and efficient for our customers.

Orion’s PBX comes with a fully designed proprietary interface allowing customers the ability to manage personal and project voicemail, auto attendant, and inbound queues.

Orion PBX is for small to medium-sized businesses and is designed for those who need a basic PBX that is easy to use while also having the common features necessary for any PBX. Whether you are looking for a basic phone system or a robust dialer integrated into a phone system, Orion can help!

Using state-of-the-art touchscreen phones, Orion PBX provides a quality conversational experience. With Orion PBX, you can record your calls, set up your general office and personal voicemail, forward your calls, and transfer calls from your dialer to anyone within the organization using Orion PBX Enterprise.

Orion believes in keeping things simple, functional, and high quality and our PBX is designed to match those exact principles. With our enhanced software as a service (SaaS) dialer solutions, Orion can have clients up and running in as little as one day using our Orion PBX Cloud, and one week with our Orion PBX Onsite solution. Orion PBX was designed from a dialer interface to ensure that it would provide a lot of unique features not often found on a PBX phone system, including Orion’s caller id rotation platform.

Orion PBX involves an experience of a fluid dialer and PBX wrapped into one which includes:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Persona/General VM
  • Caller ID settings per campaign, caller id rotation
  • Call recording
  • Touchscreen Yealink desk phones
  • Fully Dialer Integrated w/ Enterprise solution
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Conference.
  • Inter system transferring (dialer to PBX or PBX to dialer)
  • SaaS Solution

Ask about our newest addition to the Orion family of dialing solutions, OH RYAN agent-directed, and find out how this patented and state-of-the-art dialing solution can help give you an edge in your industry. A non-automated dialing solution capable of compliantly calling cell phones at automated speeds, OH RYAN can boost your sales by calling mobile data while minimizing your exposure to FTC fines and violations.


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