Client Testimonials



The Razor dialer is like no other one out there. With the first hello technology and the knowledgeable staff it makes running a system such as this turn key. The staff at Orion are always willing to help no matter what coast your on, way above and beyond the call of duty at all times. Keep it up guys; you got the best dialer system out there!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

Charlie R
San Diego, CA


Our Insurance Agency has been able to increase productivity due to The dialer, more important is the commitment to service and support your Company provides. We truly appreciate our relationship with you and your company. We are extremely please with Orion who were the right people for the job!

Howard G.
President, Mature Health Services, Inc.


We couldn’t be happier with our Razor predictive dialer. We came off of a hosted predictive dialer solution and have been kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner.

Our agent productivity is up 32%, while at the same time, our list usage and phone bill has decreased by 30%. Orion’s installation/support team has been terrific, spending hours of their time helping us maximize the productivity of our new solution. This has been the best investment in our company so far.

Matthew C.
Ellis Crow Solutions



We were able to get a great deal on spam call prevention service from Orion and it works extremely well. We have seen almost 100% reduction in “spam likely” showing up on our caller ID, which was completely detrimental to us in the past as a legitimate business. We have seen a huge increase in contacts answering the phone once we utilized this service which has increased our revenue. Glad we were able to take advantage of this opportunity through Orion.

Megan G.
President / Fundraising


I would strongly recommend Orion for the spam prevention work they do for us. It has helped us in our ability to talk to more people and not have to change our numbers when they use to reflect spam likely. It has increased our revenue and freed up some mgt time we used to have to spend changing the numbers. That was a headache.

Marc D.


I have been working with Orion for over a decade. They have always had great service & products. I must say when they started the spam call prevention our sales went from an average of $35,000 a week to $55,000 a week. I would highly recommend them.

Paul B.
President/CEO, P.B. Entertainment



Since we began using the click-to-dial system, it has dramatically increased our efficiency and contact rates on our wireless data. So much so, we are considering using it to dial ANY and all data, not just wireless! We are very excited to be moving forward with this solution and the potential it has for us and our clients. And Ryan and his team have been great to work with on all aspects of implementation.

Michael M.
Executive Vice President, The Pisa Group


I have been in the telemarketing business since the 70s and have used many different dialers over the years. I am happy to tell you that your product far surpassed my expectations. I find your dialer user-friendly, reliable and simple to operate. My employees are easily instructed in its use in minutes. It is by far the best dialer I have ever purchased. I have never had to use technical support since the initial setup and instructions. There have been no technical issues. The cost is very reasonable and I find your customer service extremely helpful and friendly. I would be happy to speak to any prospective customers that may have questions about your product or service. It has been a pleasure working with you guys.

Brett R.
Tri State Marketing


I am pleased to recommend Orion Communications' Oh Ryan program for calling cell phones. This has made a huge difference in our production. It eliminates caller error in dialing numbers. I no longer have to print pages and pages of numbers. Any time we have an issue, their technical person is very prompt in helping us address it. This is one of the best investments we have ever made.

Dan R.
Mouthpiece Communications


I have been in the fundraising business for more than 40 years. Through the years we have faced many challenges. More recently contact rate had become a big issue. We tried several systems, but had not been able to improve our rate. On a suggestion from a colleague, we decided to try Orion Communications. After a few initial bugs that had to be worked out, the system has performed well and given us a noticeable difference in our contact rate. Ryan is a fair and client-oriented owner. He actually follows up and delivers what he promises. I would highly recommend Orion Communications to anyone facing contact issues.

Fundraising Industry


Our organization has conducted an ongoing telephone fundraiser for more than 20 years. During that time there has of course been dramatic technological advances in phone service and devices used by the public. As the consumer and our contributors migrated away from landline phones to mobile devices, it became critical that we adapt in order for our fundraiser to remain viable in a quickly evolving market. The OH RYAN system has allowed us to do so by employing a TCPA compliant calling system that is efficient, user friendly, and cost effective.

Brent R
Fundraising Consultant