About Us

Founded in 2008,

Orion Dialing Solutions (Orion) began as Orion Communications; a predictive dialing software manufacturer that sold the Razor Predictive Dialing system for onsite premise-based setups. Orion’s main focus in the early years was targeted towards mortgage and non-profit sectors, however, Orion realized early on, there was an opportunity to grow within the entire call center-based industry.

Over 20,000 agents have used Orion globally and our presence in the industry continues to steadily grow. Due to this growth and popularity of the Razor Predictive Dialer, Orion set out to develop a state-of-the-art, innovative and adaptable software offering to accommodate a growing need for businesses to compliantly call cell phone data. The OH RYAN Agent-Directed, non-automated dialer system (Non-ATDS) is meant to allow customers to call cell phone data in a manner that is faster than click-to-call while remaining fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s (TCPA) strict regulations. The OH RYAN Agent-Directed software system is the fastest Non-ATDS on the market and uses a patented dialing technology from our partner company, By Golly, LLC.


Innovative Turn Key Solutions

In the years since Orion began, our portfolio has continued to expand while evolving into a full-service call center solutions provider that caters to a multitude of industries. Orion’s onboarding process consists of a series of questions that determine the perfect solution and service for each individual customer’s needs. This includes questions that may help customize software that might be necessary for the customer’s brand and mission.

Orion provides innovative turn-key solutions that allow businesses the peace of mind to focus on their own products and services rather than the products and services necessary to run a successful call center software campaign.

Orion is always adapting and working on innovative new concepts, products, and offerings that enhance and further our user experiences. Whether implementing innovative cloud-based calling capabilities, new call center solutions and features, and automated outbound call center system enhancements, we are always striving to provide first-class options for our call center customers.


Our products and services include:

  • OH RYAN Non-Automated Dialing System (Cloud and Premise-Based)
  • Orion’s Razor Predictive/IVR Dialing System (Cloud and Premise-Based)
  • Outbound SMS/Outbound Texting
  • Caller ID Protection/Spam Prevention
  • Sip Long Distance
  • DID Phone Numbers
  • Lead List Optimization
  • Server Hosting
  • Orion PBX
  • FTC Compliance Services

About Our Staff

Ryan Herrman, President | CEO
Now an expert and industry leader in the call center industry, Ryan humbly began his career as a call center manager for a coupon promotions organization and moved into working in marketing for the construction industry. Ryan’s upbringing in the heartland of America allows him to implement his midwestern values into his company mission to build collaborative partnerships with his clients based on trust, loyalty, and value. Ryan prides himself on being so client-orientated that he strives to know as many of his clients on a first-name basis as he possibly can. Ryan believes that the success of Orion Dialing Solutions starts with being customer-centered and being willing to take time to talk with his clients and ensure their happiness and success.

Ryan’s marketing background combined with his experience in outbound dialing allowed him to focus on the features and services necessary for all centers to succeed in ways that are not overly complicated, and are user-friendly for all organizations.

Ryan understands the importance of allowing businesses to focus their time and energy on their calling campaigns rather than on running a dialer. Ryan’s goals have always been to ensure that his clients have everything they need to manage their spaces with easy-to-use interfaces that require very little training. Ryan also believes in the importance of adding value to client relationships. Ryan understands the importance of finding creative and unexpected solutions for a client and that the value of going above and beyond for a client will always far outweigh the cost.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys golf, frisbee golf, spades, watching the Kansas City Chiefs and binge-watching any show about apocalyptic events.

Amanda Bekric: Head of Marketing/Digital Marketing Specialist:

Sergey Alexander: Head of Development

Dan Scyzak: Lead Trainer/Support

Michelle Myers: Head of Sales

Eric Myers: Head of Accounting