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Orion Dialing Solutions believes that the relationship with a customer involves maintaining relevancy, innovation, and adaptability. Focusing on these pillars allows us to have long-term relationships with our customers without requiring complicated long-term contracts. Orion even offers free trials.

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About Razor

The Razor Predictive Dialer is the workhorse of Orion. With over 20,000 agents having used Razor since our inception, the software has continuously adapted to the changing industries to become a leading outbound call center software. Mortgage, Nonprofit and fundraising groups, insurance organizations, construction companies, and government entities all have benefited from the innovative and adaptable software of the Razor Predictive Dialer.

The Orion Razor Predictive Dialer software is an industry leader and is known as one of the fastest and most efficient predictive dialers in the industry. The Razor Predictive Dialer has helped some clients more than double their sales goals in comparison to manual dialing alone.

Originally developed as a basic dialer with limited features, the Razor Predictive Dialer proved to be a very needed product for our clients. Orion saw the need for clients to have a more robust system and redeveloped the Razor Predictive Dialer to be an innovative and productive software system that is user-friendly for numerous industries around the globe.

What are the Costs?

With the Razor Predictive Dialer, Orion offers the ability for clients to purchase the system or rent the system monthly with our onsite and hosted/cloud-based rental options. The Razor Predictive Dialer monthly hosted option is the quickest set-up option available and requires the least amount of equipment to get started. All you need to get started on Razor’s hosted platform is a pc/laptop and headset for each user.

Orion provides remote set-up and training for the Razor Predictive Dialers on both purchased and rented systems. Technical support is also an included service provided to Razor Predictive Dialer rental customers and available for subscription for customers who buy the Razor system. Purchased systems generally include 30 days of free support with the option to pay monthly or annually after that. If you use our voip provider with your purchased Razor, we provide an amazing low rate per agent for unlimited long distance and technical support.

Onsite/Remote Capabilities

In today’s fast-paced call center industry, it is important to be adaptable and enhance the customer call center experience. Due to the remote capabilities of our modules, the Razor Predictive Dialer ensures that all users can work from wherever they are whether it be from a desktop or laptop, and can occur in a call center or remotely, anywhere in the world. From the comfort of your hotel room in Maui, monitor your agent who is dialing from home. Remote agent dialer capabilities are also included with onsite setups.

Supervisor Authorizations

Razor Predictive Dialer has some of the best technology on the market for supervisors in the call center industry. Supervisors using this system can monitor agents silently, take over calls, and coach the agent without the customer being able to hear the conversation.

Monitoring remotely requires a headset and pc or laptop, however, onsite monitoring has wireless capabilities when paired with a cordless phone.


The Razor Predictive Dialer is fully customizable and allows clients to design their own branched scripting for their agents. The Razor Predictive Dialer’s scripting is one of the most robust on the market with an entire rebuttal section, customized buttons, disposition placement, and auto-populated lead information data within the script. Razor’s Agent screen has multiple panels that can be moved around and placed per your specific desired layout.

By listening to clients and truly caring about their needs combined with our desire to make each client as successful as possible, Orion continues to provide custom solutions and configurations of the Razor Predictive Dialing system to accommodate a variety of different businesses and industries.

Data and Analytics

The Razor Predictive Dialer’s dashboard allows for data to be obtained on the agent’s behavior and performance. The dashboard calculates each agent’s sales metrics and measures them against the other agents.

Caller ID

Razor’s Caller ID functionality is one of the best in the industry with multiple Caller ID rotation functions, which can rotate the Caller ID based on a time interval or even rotate Caller ID on every call. The Caller ID functionality allows the ability to import a list of Caller IDs as well as rotate up to 25,000 Caller IDs per program. Razor also allows the ability to set specific Caller ID by criteria such as calling campaign, lead list, area code or even specific information within a client’s data list.

First Hello Technology

A pioneer in the industry for its First Hello technology, the Razor Predictive Dialer changed the industry and highlighted the importance of hearing the customer say “hello.” Hearing the customer say, “hello,” is the staple of building rapport with a customer. Early indicators have revealed that if someone began each sales pitch with, “hello, hello” to trigger the software, the sales numbers would dramatically decrease in comparison to an instant connection on the first “hello.” Instantly being able to connect with the caller helps increase caller experience, and maximizes the potential of each and every lead.

SMS Capabilities

Razor Predictive Dialer has a built-in SMS software function for current customers and leads who have opted-in for messaging. Short message/messaging service, also known as SMS or texting is widely used on most mobile devices. The Razor Predictive Dialer allows clients to send a preset text message to their customers while also having the capability to be able to monitor a customer’s responses in our inbound SMS portal.


The Razor Predictive Dialer is PCI compliant with encrypted fields for sensitive data, including the option to mute touch tone keys and pause call recording when accepting credit card information over the phone.


Razor Predictive Dialer has integrated with a multitude of CRM’s including systems like Salesforce, Velocify, and Zoho, among many others. Should you want to send sales and appointment data to your CRM at your discretion, Razor also includes an option to trigger your lead posting manually with our “Lead Post” scripting button. With our dialer, triggers and lead posts allow you to easily control which records post to your CRM. Orion has what you need to seamlessly collaborate with your current lead database and more.

Orion Predictive Dialing is an Experian-verified vendor which allows for real-time data feeds direct to the dialer, allowing agents to obtain valuable records before anyone else when it is necessary and needed to enhance the caller experience.


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