Dialer FAQ

  • Is auto-dialing software legal

    Predictive dialing software is legal in the United States, but some laws must be followed. Please visit the FTC or FCC’s website for more information.

  • What kind of increase in sales can I expect?

    There are many variables to consider, such as the time of day you are calling, what day of the week, if you are calling business to business or business to residential, the quality of the lead list you are calling, etc. Most Razor customers can expect to double the number of contacts and sales per hour. Some phone dialers say that they will offer much larger increases, however, there is very little evidence to prove such large increases. Orion depends on valuable independent research to show call centers can double their sales with ANY PREDICTIVE DIALER.

  • How long does it take for me to be up and dialing after I purchase the system?

    We allow up to one month to get your system installed after payment. In some instances, we can get customers up and running faster but a month is standard.

  • Is the system easy to operate?

    The Razor was designed to be simple and easy to operate. For example, when an agent has finished a phone call, instead of clicking several boxes or windows with their mouse, Razor has a single-key disposition button that only requires the agent to press one key to let the dialer know the outcome of the call and let the predictive dialer system know they are ready to take another phone call.

  • Do I need analog phone lines or a T-1?

    This will depend upon the size of the Razor predictive dialer system ordered. Usually, for systems up to 16 lines, you will use analog phone lines just like you order from your local phone company. Most systems with 23 lines or larger utilize a T-1. Systems can be ordered either way, but small additional charges may apply.

  • How does a Razor predictive dialer system work and what are the benefits of using an automated dialer that simply dials the phone numbers for agents?

    Razor predictive dialer software has more phone lines to dial out on than there are agents. For example, if you have a 24-agent Razor predictive dialer system, you will have a total of 46 phone lines for the system to dial with. If all 24 agents would log on at the same time, the Razor predictive dialer software would dial with as many as 46 phone lines at the same time. Assuming 1 out of every 2 potential customers are available and pick up the phone, 23 of your agents will be talking to customers right away. There will then be 1 agent waiting for a phone call. Razor would dial 2 phone lines to get a customer for the available agent to talk to. At the same time, Razor will be using a complex mathematical formula called an algorithm to decide how many lines to dial and when to dial them. Knowing that all your agents will not make it through their entire script and some phone calls will be ending shortly, Razor will dial more phone lines in anticipation of these calls to be ending.

    This is a basic explanation of how Razor knows when to dial more phone numbers as it would take pages upon pages to explain the complex algorithm fully. Here is a listing of some of the statistics Razor takes into account before it knows when to dial and how many phone lines to dial out how many rings it takes for the average customer to answer their phone, the average length of each phone call, the percentage of phone calls that nobody answers, the percentage of fax machines dialed, the percentage of disconnected phone numbers dialed, the number of agents currently speaking to customers, the number of agents waiting for a call, the total number of agents on the system and the number of lines available to dial out on.

  • Is the Razor predictive dialer system expandable?

    Razor predictive dialer software is easily expandable as an entire unit. This means that if you purchase a 5-station, 8-line Razor predictive dialer system and would like to upgrade to 8 stations and 16 lines, all 16 lines will be available for each of your 8 agents. Many systems simply allow you to add another dialer. This limits the benefits of having a larger automated dialer. For example, if you have two 8-line phone dialers, it is possible to have the agents on call center dialer number one not talking to any customers, and all the agents on dialer number two talking to prospects. Dialer number two could then hang up on live customers when ideally you would like the live customer to be passed to an agent on dialer number one. Non-expandable 8-line predictive dialers can lose ½ of the efficiency of a Razor predictive dialer due to this.

  • How do I load my phone numbers into the Razor predictive dialer software?

    Razor predictive dialer software includes an import wizard that walks you through importing phone numbers into the system and accepts many different formats of lists. We have yet to have a customer who could not import their leads with the help of the Razor import wizard.

  • Do I need to buy a phone system to use with the Razor predictive dialer software?

    NO! Some phone dialers require you to purchase expensive phones, headsets, amplifiers, or phone systems. Razor’s predictive dialer system only requires an agent computer and either a USB or sound card headset that can easily be purchased at most electronics stores for less than $35.00 each.

  • What is the difference between a predictive dialer system and an automated dialer?

    An automated dialer calls selected phone numbers from a list and plays a prerecorded message for them to hear, and a predictive dialer system calls phone numbers from a list and connects a live telemarketer to people when they answer the phone.

  • What happens if I need help on how to operate the Razor predictive dialer system?

    If you subscribe to Razor’s technical support, you will be able to call a phone number or use MSN messenger for immediate support. Razor includes 90 days of technical support when you purchase your predictive dialer software. Technical support is then available after the initial 90 days for a fee depending on the level of support you choose.

  • Am I able to get updates to the Razor predictive dialer software when they are available?

    Free updates are included for all subscribers of technical support.

  • What happens if I call a phone number that has been disconnected?

    Does the Razor predictive dialer system pass that call to a telemarketer? Unlike some less sophisticated phone dialers, Razor automatically recognizes busy signals and disconnected phone numbers. Razor then remembers these so that the dialer dos does not keep calling them over and over.