Telemarketing Companies

The focus of any telemarketing call center company is contact rate, and production for their clients, because they often get paid by their clients based on how many sales or appointments they get. With Orion’s telemarketing dialing software with real-time reporting, telemarketing companies can view sales, appointments, contact rates, and more in real time.

Show your clients that they made the “right choice” in hiring you to run their marketing campaigns by using one of Orion’s systems, where the focus is keeping things simple while showing true results.

The Razor Predictive system is one of the most productive predictive dialing systems on the market. Today! Fully encompassing sales and contact rate reporting data, this system allows customers to stay ahead of the industry competition for your clients.

The OH RYAN system is the newest system by Orion and is guaranteed to be the industry leader in speed for agent-initiated dialing systems. OH RYAN outperforms any non-automated system on the market when compared to contacts per hour. Use OH RYAN if you have a heavy focus on calling mobile data, without prior written permission.

Ask about our newest addition to the Orion family of dialing solutions, OH RYAN agent-directed, and find out how our patented and state-of-the-art dialing solution can help give you an edge in your industry. A non-automated dialing solution capable of compliantly calling cell phones at automated speeds, OH RYAN can boost your sales by calling mobile data while minimizing your exposure to FTC fines and violations.

Call us today to see how Orion can help your telemarketing company gain more contracts using our patented dialing system with our unmatched dialing services consisting of caller id spam prevention and lead list optimization.