Razor Enterprise includes a Private Branch Exchange, commonly known as PBX, an interface that allows you to operate both your office phones and dialer agents as extensions through one system. Whether you are just looking for a basic system to increase your contact rate, or a feature-rich dialer and PBX all-in-one solution, Orion has you covered with our Razor predictive platform. Contact us today!

Tired of the time and budget commitment in integrating your phone system into your dialer? Orion’s enterprise product allows you to use our dialing and PBX systems as an all-in-one solution which allows each agent and PBX phone user to have unique inter-connected extensions on one universal system. This system is available for both rental and purchase, Orion PBX Cloud is the perfect solution for remote setup and Orion PBX Onsite is a great solution for customers wanting to have a system onsite in their location.


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